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Our images will show how a proposed building will look when finished. The main reasons for commissioning are:

  • to show the building developer the appearance of a proposed design.
  • to support a planning application or appeal.
  • to market a speculative development in advance of completion.

The normal method of work is to insert a computer generated image of the building into a photo, matching up the viewpoint and lighting, and then to supplement the result with extra image elements and effects.


The client needs to be involved twice in this process:

  • Prior to commencing work, approval is needed on the viewpoint. We will provide simplified images of how a project will look from various viewpoints to enable the decision to be made.

  • At the end of project - there will be an opportunity to review the image and request adjustments.

All the detailed project information we usually get by working directly with the architect. They will normally supply us with Autocad drawing files.


We will do all the photography or commission appropiate professional work. It is usually worthwhile waiting for good weather if there is time available. As well as the main photo there is usually some further photography to be done, for example building materials or the surroundings.


We build our own 3D computer model of the project using the CAD program, Vectorworks. The model is exported to Artlantis, a rendering program. The 'rendering' process simulates natural or indoor lighting falling on different materials and produces a realistic but limited image. The result is once again exported into Photoshop where the final image manipulation is done.

We issue the finished images as TIFF files on CD.